+Crataegomespilus Asnieresi

Parents :

Graft hybrid between hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) and medlar (Mespilus Germanica)

Origine :

Epine-Néflier de BRONVAUX - 1890

Found in Bronvaux near Metz (France) of a medlar grafted on hawthorn in M. Dardar's garden. The first graft hybrid to occur was named Crataegomespilus Dardari by M. Simon-Louis. This one was the second occurrence

Growth habit :

Vigourous small tree, wide-spreading, thorny and floriferous

Foliage :

Most of the leaves are medlar leaves but deeply lobed like those of the hawthorn (less lobed in old branches)

Flowers :

Large hawthorn flowers in corymb

Fruits :

Small medlar-like fruits

+Crataegomespilus Asnieresi - fruit