Graft hybrids found in France

UP: Fake pic found
in the Willemse's catalog



RIGHT: Fake pic found in the Bakker's catalog  



Graft hybrids, also called chimaeras, are bi-generic hybrids which have originated artificially as a result of grafting species of two different genera.


picture 78 K
Revue Bretonne de Botanique, 1929
+Laburnocytisus Adamii and his two parents
Cytisus purpureus and Cytisus Laburnum.

+Laburnocytisus Adamii


+Crataegomespilus Asnieresi

+Crataegomespilus Dardari

+Crataegomespilus Bonnieri

+Crataegomespilus Rivieri


+Pirocydonia Danieli

+Pirocydonia Winkleri


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